Evla Pottery is located on Dale, off of Grand Avenue, in the heart of St. Paul. The pottery in our store is hand crafted by Mike, owner and chief potter. Evla emphasizes the relationships we have with everyday objects, and we feel handmade pottery emits an intangible feeling of connectedness using every day objects as a medium. Come in to the Evla store and meet our family, including Kim, owner and head of sales, and Eva and Ella, our daughters, and inspiration for keeping our art fresh, beautiful, and durable. Our loyal customers, many of them artists themselves, say they love Evla’s pottery for bridging the gap between stylish beauty and functionality. We think you’ll love it too!

mike Mike says of his pottery “I want to create beauty through usefulness”. Mike has a degree in art and He started making pottery when he was 17. He loves the meditative quality of being with the clay as it forms itself into the shapes of each unique piece. Mike is proud to be a part of the growing movement of artists crafting locally made, sustainably produced wares.

kim Kim is an abstract artist, and her bright, intuitive paintings are displayed throughout our shop, available for purchase. Kim uses oil on canvas to evoke a range of emotions using a lyrical, poetic sense of color. A graduate of MCAD in Minneapolis, Kim paints what is close to her heart, and viewer’s of her work will sense the real life’s experiences in each piece. Kim’s art may be described as “lush”, “emotive”, and “alive”. Please come see for yourself!